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Eyelash Extensions Virginia Beach will help you get the look you want with customized lash extensions!

Welcome To Eyelash Extensions Virginia Beach!

Hello gorgeous and welcome to Eyelash Extensions Virginia Beach. We apply the false lashes you have always been dreaming of and make them a reality into your life.

Do you have stubborn natural lashes that are hard to see? Are your lashes straight and won’t stay curled? Our eyelash extensions will give you longer eyelashes with an elegant curl and you will be turning heads everywhere you go.

Save yourself the grueling morning routine that involves wasted time trying to improve your eyelashes. Get the best false eyelashes Virginia Beach has to offer and get through your morning with ease every single day.

We not only provide glamorous fake lashes, we also perform eyelash lifting, and eyelash tinting. All of your lash enhancing needs can be taken care of with our experienced lash technicians.

Virginia Beach eyelashes

About Eyelash Extensions Virginia Beach

Our salon is the leading lash bar in the Virginia Beach area. With our exceptional customer care and high end lash extension products, you will have everyone wondering where you got your new look.

We create an atmosphere of relaxation and happiness. Every woman feels confident when their lashes are in tip top shape.

It is our goal to provide the type of customer service that you cannot find anywhere else. Not only do we apply the best fake eyelashes Virginia Beach has ever seen, we do it while keeping you calm and relaxed during the whole service. Our staff is always happy to see you.

We value community and being inclusive. Our salon believes that everyone should have confidence boosting eyelash extensions. The Virginia Beach area is special to us and we love the people here. We want to better the community by making women feel great about themselves.

Our mission is to always perform the best that we can. Our eyelash artists have continual classes and training opportunities to make sure that we are always providing the best application techniques to you.

The glamour and effortless beauty that comes with eyelash extensions is worth every penny. Don’t wait forever to pamper yourself and get lashes that will make you feel young and beautiful again.

Why Choose Us?

Great lashes don’t come from just anywhere, they come from us. We apply the Virginia Beach eyelash extensions that everyone is raving about.

Clients are always choosing our salon before any others because we care. We care about your satisfaction and your happiness with eyelash extensions.

We find it very important that:

  1. You feel great with any lash service that we provide at our salon. We haven’t done all that we can if you are not satisfied and pleased with the end result of your lash appointment.
  2. Our salon remains sanitized and cleaned at all times. Great work can’t be done in a messy space. We train our lash technicians on proper cleaning procedures and how we keep a tidy salon.
  3. The products we use are top of the line in the eyelash industry. We do our homework when it comes to all things eyelashes. We know what adhesives work and what ones won’t last.

Our salon has been helping women feel their best for so many years and every single lash artist that is with us has enjoyed every minute of it. It has always been our passion to transform your eyelashes into something you never thought they could be.

Call us today and book your appointment for the number one lash extensions in Virginia Beach.

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What To Expect?

virginia beach eyelashes extensions

The standards we hold for our products and tools are extremely high. We go through thorough testing and training to make sure what we have chosen to use on you is the best option that we have available to us.

It is impossible to have amazing Virginia Beach eyelash extensions if the products that are used are subpar. We know what works because we take the time to learn and educate ourselves on eyelash materials.

With great products comes top notch service quality. Our lash artists hold many certifications to ensure that our quality of work is the best that we can provide.

Our clients choose us for the experience we provide and the lash techniques that we use to apply eyelash extensions. You are getting the whole package when you come see us.

Before appointment:

  • Call our salon and set up an appointment so we can book enough time into our schedule to get your lashes full and pretty.
  • Come to your appointment with squeaky clean lashes to give us a blank slate to work with.
  • Prep your body for relaxation and to lay still for at least 2 hours.

During appointment:

  • Come prepared to let us know what you are looking for with your eyelash extensions. We will have a consultation with you to go over what you are envisioning.
  • Try to lay still so we can be careful and safe around your eyes.

After appointment:

  • Keep your lash extensions clean by combing and washing them every day.
  • Consistently have your eyelashes filled so your eyelash extensions stay full and fresh.


Our services are sure to give you the prettiest lashes Virginia Beach has to offer because of the expertise from our lash artists. Every eyelash service that we provide is done with care and quality to enhance the look of your eyes and eyelashes. You won’t be disappointed when you trust us to make you look and feel beautiful.

Classic Eyelashes

The classic eyelash extension service is a great choice for first timers. The lash extensions will look natural while adding some length and fullness to give a bit of a lift to your eyes and face. Class lash extensions feel light and will flow with the growth of your natural eyelashes.

Volume Eyelashes

The volume eyelash extension service is the perfect choice for you if you like a really full look that is similar to strip lashes. The eyelash extensions will look full and dramatic by filling in all sparse and thinning parts of the lash line. Volume lash extensions will look as full as you would like them to be while still feeling light as a feather.

Eyelash Cleaning

This service is a great add on if you know you won’t have time to clean your own lashes before you come in. We use a gentle soap and soft makeup brush to cleanse your eyes and lashes with ease. Let us do the hard work while you sit back for extra relaxation while we remove any residue or buildup on your eyes. You will have the most long lasting eyelash extensions Virginia Beach has seen because of this important extra step.

Eyelash Extension Removal

A lash extension removal service is important for anyone who wants or needs to have their lash extensions taken off. You can seriously damage your natural lashes or hurt your eye if you attempt to remove lash extensions at home. We are trained to know how to properly take off your lashes without any damage to the eye or eyelashes.

Eyelash Tinting

The deepest and darkest eyelash tinting Virginia Beach has to offer you is done right here in our salon. We help you choose from a variety of pigments to formulate the perfect color for your lashes. This service is the one for you if you have light eyelashes that need some added depth and color.

Eyelash Lifting

We apply the safest and most noticeable lash lifting Virginia Beach provides to the community and we know you will love this natural yet bold look. A lash lift is customizable because we will let you choose the tightness of the curl you prefer. We know you won’t regret boosting the look and curl of your natural eyelashes with a simple service like lash lifting.

About Virginia Beach

Virginia beach sits on the coast of eastern Virginia and the Atlantic Ocean. The city is known for its boardwalk that is 3 miles along the ocean. Locals and visitors can enjoy the 28-foot-wide path with a separated bike path or simply walking along and enjoying the views.

The city is a tourist hub because of the beautiful ocean views with lots of hotels and restaurants along the oceanfront.

As of 2019, the population was around 450,000 people with around 154,000 households. The city’s location and types of businesses have made it an easy spot for international commerce.

Surrounding areas inculde:

  1. Chesapeake, VA
  2. Norfolk, VA
  3. Portsmouth, VA
  4. Suffolk, VA
  5. Hampton, VA
  6. Moyock, VA
  7. Carrollton, VA
  8. Other surrounding areas

Happy Clients

What a boost in confidence from my eyelash extensions! I am so happy I got to spend time with the ladies in this salon. I always loved their eyelash extensions on other people and mine look amazing.

Andrea H.

My eyelash extensions look phenomenal. My lash artist is a magician because she made my eyes 100% more appealing. I can’t imagine myself going anywhere else from now on.

Theresa I.

What a clean and calming place to be! I was so relaxed and couldn’t stay awake. I was so happy to see that my eyelashes looked so good when my lash artist was done with my eyelash extensions. She did everything I was envisioning. 5 stars for this lash bar!

Sandra K.

Frequently asked questiona

How much do lash extensions cost?

Each service is different in price and we would love to go further into detail if you want to give us a call.

Are the great eyelash extensions near me?

We can assure you that when searching “lashes near me” and “lash extensions near me”, our salon will be top of the line choice for anyone in Virginia Beach and all surrounding cities.

What lash extensions are the most natural looking?

The classic lash technique we use will give you the most natural looking lash extensions Virginia Beach has to offer with people questioning if they are actually false eyelashes.

Can I still hangout at the beach and swim?

You can definitely go to the beach with your new lashes. If you have waited 24 hours to get them wet, then getting in the water is okay and will not damage your lashes.

How long will my eyelash extensions last?

If you take great care of your lashes at home then they can last up to 4 weeks.

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Don’t let your natural lashes win the daily battle against straight and stubborn lashes. Let us give you the most low maintenance and eye enhancing eyelash extensions Virginia beach has ever seen because you won’t regret it at all.

False lashes are made to make you feel better than ever by adding curl, depth, and length to your average looking natural lashes. Don’t wait and wish you had beautiful lashes when we can make your wishes come true.

Call our salon right now to schedule an appointment or get more detail for any questions that you have. We know you will be in love with your eyes the moment you see your fresh set of eyelash extensions.

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